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June 2019

13 responses to “Lucidity”

  1. I like the caption because a lot of the time staring at flowers or nature gives you a moment of clarity. This is an especially beautiful flower worth gazing at.

  2. Beautiful flower that is well nurtured and groomed. I love flowers this beautiful whether plastic or natural. nice shot.

  3. Perfection at its finest. Flower always gives me this delightful feeling everytime I see one.

  4. The yellow and green contrasting colors are amazing. It makes the flower look out of the world.

  5. Lovely looking flower I must commend. I pray my life blossom daily just like this flowers. It is just fresh looking.

  6. It reminds me of how old photographs look like after they sit inside a photo album for a long while, but refuse to fade somewhat. It’s as if the memories defy the photographic film’s limits where the subject still looks very sharp up to this day. I love everything about it.

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