Coming Soon. Planned release date is 2018.

Writing And Photography Magazine is a literary and photography collective magazine production of This magazine seeks to publish original works by new and upcoming writers and photographers, along with those who are already well established.

Coming Soon…

Submit to the magazine. Submissions are currently open.

Submissions are open to anyone, age 18 or older.

We are seeking the following…

  • Original non-fiction writing
  • Personal essays
  • Features
  • Interviews
  • Original photography (*High resolution is needed to maintain quality.)


This magazine seeks original work for which the copyright belongs to the person submitting the work. Submitting work for which you do not hold the legal copyright for will likely result in a permanent ban.

The Fine Print (Please read. Important, but not too long.)
The following submissions will not be accepted…

  • Submissions for which you are not the legal copyright holder
  • Political content, including views and/or opinions
  • Racism, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, violence, or hateful content
  • Body shaming or self-harm, harm to animals, or content which harms another
  • Nudity of any kind

What you can expect…
You can generally expect a response if your submission is accepted for publication or if there is a question in regards to your submission. Due to the large volume of submissions, it would be nearly impossible to respond to every single submission.

Contributors retain all rights and copyrights to their work. Submitting your content grants us an irrevocable right and license to publish your work in printed and/or electronic form.

All submissions will be published as they are submitted, except titles may be changed, which is the industry standard for magazines. If editing of the content is necessary, any edits will require the approval of the contributor prior to publication.

At this time, there will be no payments made for contributions. However, contributors whose submissions are accepted will be given full credit. This includes, but not limited to, published links to the contributor’s website and/or blog address, social media, and email contact information.

The magazine is sold via on-demand printing, which keeps costs to a minimum and prevents overproduction which leads to waste. At the present time, any profits from the sale of the magazine are used to help offset growing costs of production and web hosting.

Submissions are accepted via email:

Please submit photography via our Flickr Group: