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Margaret Atwood Quote


“An eye for an eye only leads to more blindness.”—Margaret Atwood

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  1. Very wise thoughts from Margaret Atwood. It’s important to not hold grudges and to be the bigger person in any conflict. Being angry and vengeful is both physically and emotionally straining.

  2. I look at this as revenge only breeds revenge. Everyone looses and nobody wins. It is hard to forgive at times but we must at least try to do so. Always.

  3. Revenge or getting even is never the right thing..its best to forgive ane move on..that gives inner peace

  4. That’s just the truth. This is one thing I’m never a fan of. Everyone and everywhere will be messed up if we decides to retaliate all the time.

  5. An eye for an eye will always remain a bad decision. There should alwsal be a place of forgiven in all aspects of life

  6. This quote is simple but has a very deep meaning. When we revenge we cause more harm than what was caused originally.

  7. Oh my, what a saying! Literally one can say it would definitely lead to more blindness, live and let live. Forgiveness should be our watch word daily

  8. Definitely true, if we always take revenge, it will never stop. It wil only lead to more chaos.

  9. I agree the road of hatress become vicious and end destroying everything around.

  10. Indeed. There is will be no mercy if only justice prevails, this is just justice. There will also be no pardon, no grace.

  11. Forgiveness gives you more peace of mind than hate and revenge. If we all learn to forgive others sincerely, we will have a better world fr all of us.

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