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Margaret Atwood Quote


“A word after a word after a word is power.”—Margaret Atwood

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  1. Well, I want to believe that the words we speak are powerful. so yes words after words depicts power.

  2. Words are should be careful what one utter..they can make or break us

  3. This is so true in so many ways. Even how you put the words together could yield even greater power to inspire, to awe, and even terrify people who might read them or hear them.

  4. Even a single word is powerful because it comes out from a powerful tongue, we need to me mindful of words always especially when it comes out over and over again

  5. I agree, all starts with a word and then you power for good or for bad. thats why it’s necesary to think before talking and writting.

  6. Words can be used to make good or to hurt, it’s convenient to think before talking or writting.

  7. It is said that words are more powerful than weapons. I couldn’t agree more with this quote.

  8. The words of our mouth have the power to kill and at the same time power to heal. It depends on what you use them for.

  9. Words if used wisely they can change a society. Also if used wrongly they can destroy a society. Great quote.

  10. That is why words are one of the few things we cannot take back. As the saying goes think before you click? In this case when you say things.

  11. In as much as the words we speaks are powerful I think we should be a bit caution with it. But then words upon words is power

  12. Wonderful message in few words. It’s always advisable to communicate whenever possible.

  13. This is true especially if how you communicate it is effective. But if it falls into deaf ears, it will come back nothing.

  14. Words can either create or destroy empires. They’ve sent many people to their deaths, defending both just and unjust causes alike. And they’ve also been influential in helping to raise the spirits of those who are building a legacy from the ashes of the past.

    Words have a certain degree of power to them, indeed.

  15. Thank you very much for sharing this! Words are very powerful whether it be influencing or gossiping, we as people need to choose them carefully. Amazing quote.

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