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Marianne Moore Quote


“Poetry is the art of creating imaginary gardens with real toads.”—Marianne Moore

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  1. Poetry can always attract attention to anyone. Quite often someone uses the medium of poetry to express affection for their parents or friends.

  2. Poetry is one way where you can have all your imaginations. Poetry is also an expression of feelings. The all kinds of love, sorrow and happiness. For todays generations, poetry is now a glimpse of the tradition of our history.

  3. I like poetry especially if it is put together by a good poet. some poems are intriguing, inspirational and motivating

  4. Ahahahaha! Nice! I love the creativity in Mariannne Moore’s mind as shown in this quote of hers.

  5. I am not aware that she is the author of the quote. I have read that quote many times now. I am sure that some people are trying to steal it because of the message it employs to us.

  6. Words from a table of a scholar. Literarily one wont get the full gist but looking deeply, it means alot. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Making imaginary things visible is the uniqueness of poetry. Great quote, thanks for sharing Man

  8. I love poetry because it allows you to create an ideal world that doesn’t exist. You can be whatever you want.

  9. Definitely, that’s what poetry is all about. Making a creative write up that is full of sense.

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