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Marie Casey Quote

Marie Casey

“Speak languages only a few can understand.” —Marie Casey

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  1. When only a few understand you words, that’s uniqueness but some can call it pride. I love this quote, thanks for sharing

  2. Well, that’s seeing only what few people can also see. Uniqueness and confidence but people atimes misquoted this.

  3. Speaking a language or languages just a few will understand means you just need some unique people in your circles. Which isn’t a bar idea.

  4. I think this is a metaphor!!! Well if you ask me this depends on who is speaking and what is the message. That is why a person in authority has to be careful. His words can come back at them.

  5. A short quote but a very wise and deep meaning. If we can speak using parables will be great.

  6. I don’t seem to understand this quote. The selfishness of each person to want to be understood first which makes only a few people can understand.

  7. Beautiful l lady you got up there. I like to speak only the language very few can understand, so that I can understand them too.

  8. beautiful lady you got there. but picture aside, less word less mistake. people will be able to understand you clearly by making your words simple and clear.

  9. We need proper pacing not only with vocal language also with body language so that people would understand. We need to be considerate as well. Pretty girl you got there. 🙂

  10. Many times we spoke too much about things without relevance, but we’ve forgot to listen and comunicate the valuable things, or we just decide to keep them for ourselves.

  11. Well, sometimes people often don’t deliver true messages when communicating for some reason. That’s why most people can’t understand it.

  12. We should all strive to stand out in some way. That’s the message I can draw from this quote.

  13. There is no fun in doing something that everyone else is already doing. Go forth and stand out!

  14. There is greater satisfaction in accomplishing the difficult. Normal is never good enough.

  15. Language should never be barrier for individuals. Speak. in whatever language you are. Be something not an ordinary people do. Stand out with that.

  16. Speaking a language only a few can understand sets you apart from people and does that don’t understand, may see you as an introvert. Only people with a level of intelligence can understand this theory.

  17. This is so true, people can only flow with you when they understand the language you speak. Nice and meaningful quote.

  18. I love the idea of secret coding or languages. Great way to deceive if necessary and keep secrets.

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