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Mary Oliver Quote



“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness.  It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.” —Mary Oliver

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  1. It’s great that at least you came to this realization, even if it was late in life. Some people live in sadness all their life and never come to a point of reconciling with what happened to them.

  2. Very beautiful quote, we always receive with open hands bright or vibrant things from life, but when it comes to be proved for life we don’t like it.

  3. Even if it’s all bad vibes that someone is giving you, know that it makes you stronger. It makes you become a better version of yourself.

  4. Life as we know it is not a box of full of chocolates. Sometimes the box contains sour drops and ghost pepper. We need to be able to adapt our self to the things that we do not expect.

  5. It’s nice to attach sentimentality, even to sadder moments in life. Mary Oliver has a very positive spirit, which is essential throughout every journey.

  6. I understand that we love a person so much that they cause us harm or leave us emotionally empty that we do not realize that those blows of life or those heartbreak are what make us grow or mature as people.

  7. I guess it means to the NOT Ideal things that happens to us. We may not understand it now but there is always a reason for it. Life happens and we must roll with it.

  8. It’s sad that sometimes the people who we love the most end up causing the greatest damage in our lives. We come to realize that later sometimes.

  9. A box full of darkness as a gift? Really, I am still trying to comprehend what that kind of gift means.

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