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Maya Angelou Quote


“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”—Maya Angelou

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  1. Interesting quote you’ve got here. It made me think what it really meant. Love these types of quotes.

  2. First impression I have about a person is always the person traits and I don’t joke with those. So yes, I believe in this quote.

  3. Nice and great quote. First impression last longer. So therefore I will always judge based on the first day attributes. Thanks for sharing this Tom.

  4. Yea, true quote. Believing them the first time will allow you to take them for who they are. Thanks Thoms for sharing.

  5. Yea, real quote. Believing them will make you realise who they are and in turn make them free with you.

  6. Yes right because that might just be what they are truly are . I don’t doubt such character because character is like pregnancy you can’t hide it for long.

  7. I like to watch people in diferent scenenes of their life to find out the authenticity of their character.

  8. It’s not common that people show who they really are. So when they do, believe them the first time.

  9. This quote in a way tells us not to have pre conceived notions about people. Unfortunately many people find this hard to do.

  10. This quote is about allowing a person to demonstrate who they really are, and believing them, the first time. Thanks for the lovely quote Tom!

  11. Great statement that definitely stresses the importance of first impressions. It’s always pivotal to exercise proper judgement especially when someone exposes them-self in good faith.

  12. If you know them then yes. If not then this is a bit tricky. As I always say See me for who I am not for where I am from. It needs time though. Everything does.

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