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Maya Angelou Quote



“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ― Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

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  1. This is the sad truth that everyone is doing nowadays. Whether it be a sad or happy or any kind of story, we tend to bottle them up. Personally, I want to hear their stories and be told to the world in a encouraging and inspiring way.

  2. We always need to share our burden no matter what it is. It will eat us inside, it will destroy us eventually. There’s no harm in sharing anyway.

  3. Not everyone like sharing their stories with others.. that’s just their person..they don’t feel agony because of that…

  4. It can be so tormenting for the body and confusing for the mind I can so relate to this. Sometimes I just want to tell my story the way it is

  5. True, it’s very sad when you want to tell someone your story but you don’t have anyone to tell it to. Or when you want to tell your story but they don’t want to listen. It hurts very much, a living hell in some cases.

  6. It is really hard if you are just keeping the story to yourself. Especially for people who have been mistreated and are afraid to tell someone their story.

  7. This is even worse for those that are dead with theirs. I hope to write mine very soon because it is burning in my soul.

  8. Very true, stories die in the mouth of people who doesnt tell them, and people also die inside for not telling them.

  9. Well it happens to us in one way or another. As for me it took the form in my dreams. I was unable to live it for a while and that took a toll on me. Thankfully, I was able to realize it later.

  10. This rings true to me. There are secrets that we need to keep but somehow they needed to be unloaded to unburden us.

  11. Sometimes it’s frustrating when you know you know something and someone doesn’t even bother to consider you. These are some of the things that trigger agony in oneself.

  12. Its an amazing quote from Angelou Maya. Bearing an untold story can make you suffer, because you may not understand what the true story really was.

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