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MediaWiki Knowledge Base Concept

Today I thought about possible titles and concepts for my second book. My first book, The Only Child Of An Atomic Engineer is available at Barnes And Noble. Using our whiteboard, Amelia and I discussed the possibility of migrating my titles and ideas into a database solution, hosted on our web server. The original list of titles has been removed, the credit for the drafts page idea goes to Kristen Roedel; an archive capture has been taken.

An instance of MediaWiki has been added to our Synology Web Server.

Book Titles

  • I Will Remember The Woods All My Life
  • The Memory Of Trees
  • Under Beneath The Wishing Tree
  • The Feelings Of The Heart


  • Wiki
  • MySql/WordPress Integration (Potential)
  • Private Server Wiki

Idea Database Concept

Knowlege Base
[Statistics] [Titles] [Tags] [Search]

Update January 16, 2022
The MediaWiki is coming along great. Amelia and I have added a new MySql database on our Synology web server, and successfully installed the MediaWiki software and dependencies. I changed both of our permissions to root, so we both have full and complete control of our database.

The Linux Tux with a Rainbow Flag was added as our database logo. Alternatively, we also have a Linux Tux with a Transgender Flag.

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