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MediaWiki Knowledge Base Concept

Today I thought about possible titles and concepts for my second book. Using our whiteboard, Amelia and I discussed the possibility of migrating my titles and ideas into a database solution, hosted on our web server. The original list of titles has been removed, the credit for the drafts page idea goes to Kristen Roedel; an archive capture has been taken.

An instance of MediaWiki has been added to our Synology Web Server.

Book Titles

  • I Will Remember The Woods All My Life
  • The Memory Of Trees
  • Under Beneath The Wishing Tree
  • The Feelings Of The Heart


  • Wiki
  • MySql/WordPress Integration (Potential)
  • Private Server Wiki

Idea Database Concept

Knowlege Base
[Statistics] [Titles] [Tags] [Search]

Update January 16, 2022
The MediaWiki is coming along great. Amelia and I have added a new MySql database on our Synology web server, and successfully installed the MediaWiki software and dependencies. I changed both of our permissions to root, so we both have full and complete control of our database.

The Linux Tux with a Rainbow Flag was added as our database logo. Alternatively, we also have a Linux Tux with a Transgender Flag.

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