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Melinda Haynes Quote


Forget all the rules. Forget about being published. Write for yourself and celebrate writing.
— Melinda Haynes

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  1. Cool quote. I think most people come up with better material when it’s from the heart and not intended to impress. I still think writing should try and invoke feelings from readers though and be open to reflection.

  2. I like to write without looking to see who is frowning or smiling so all I do is to keep on writing. I just write and publish it myself.

  3. Nice quite.I write because I love writing.I celebrate myself even if my article is not accepted or published .Great share

  4. This is quiet what I do when writing. Simply put. pour your heart into it and it will reach someone for sure.

  5. I have been a writer since childhood and I’m enjoying the benefits now. I celebrate my life as a writer all time and I love it too.

  6. After all, that’s really what writing is all about. Every writer should strive for the truth, and stop trying to please other people through the craft.

  7. This was and is my saying to date. There is a jovial experience when you read about your past articles.

  8. I’m not born writer but I believe I could be made as a writer. One day, I’ll write about me.

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