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Metro North Commuter Railroad 6314

October 2020

20 responses to “Metro North Commuter Railroad 6314”

  1. With this part I am seeing, it shows that this train is a very strong and luxury one. I love the effect, suit it completely

  2. Interesting choice of colour design. I feel if it was not in black and white, it would have a more sunny tone. The colour scheme suggests to me that this railroad is unsafe with impending danger. Great stylistic choices!

  3. The train looks so big and I believe can convey a lot of passengers. The picture quality is so superb and neat.

  4. Watching the train in motion would be a delight. You should post the videos some day if you have them.

  5. It is sad that soon these old school trains will all be replaced. Better enjoy them while they are still here.

  6. The old school look works here. I am not a huge fan of black in white but in this case it works here. Very cool train with a very good shot.

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