Monster Garage

February 2019


13 thoughts on “Monster Garage

  1. There’s beauty even in chaos. Sure, all you see in the image is a dilapidated car with all the mumbo-jumbo of a decrepit garage. But you’ve got to admire the interplay of lights.

  2. This is really a classic garage even with a vintage car in it. This totally brought back memories to help permeates the heart.

  3. Even from the photo itself you can tell that this was one of the classic cars back then. Its only the value that has depreciated.

  4. I doubt if this type of cars are still in existence..they are very durable.. I don’t mind buying one if I’m opportuned ..Great shot

  5. Totally agree that beauty can still lie in ruins. This might not really be pleasant to sight but it still look awesome.

  6. first thing i saw, the obvious, the car. i am not into cars but i believe every pictures tells a story, chaos, yes and i dont know about anyone else, its kinda calm chaos picture to me 🙂

  7. Reminds me of our garage at home. Going vintage car huh? Well my boyfriend has that hobby too.It is an expensive one specially restorations but it makes him happy. He got me into cars as well.

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