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Montpelier Engine 2

Montpelier, Vermont, United States

October 2020

25 responses to “Montpelier Engine 2”

  1. I Have never seen a firetruck in real life before so this was a treat. I just wish that the other sides were shown but it is what it is. Good shot!!!!

  2. The firetruck looks properly maintained. Looks like this was refurbished and painted beautifully.

  3. Looks like the fire fight truck, very strong and fast. I love this and seems the montpellier got alot of catchy stuffs.

  4. This looks a firetruck that it on its way to perform its known duty. it looks a bit old but its service delivery might still be top notch

  5. I literally thought that I would be seeing a place, but now I have learnt that Montpelier is some kind of fire truck. The picture definitely looks nice.

  6. It looks new. I believe that a fire truck is an essential part of all countries and remote places since with global warming it is necessary to be prepared.

  7. I’m yet to see a machine like this in real life. It was a pleasure viewing this and other rare objects I do see here. Thanks for this

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