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Moth Or Butterfly?

May 2010

35 responses to “Moth Or Butterfly?”

  1. My guess is MOTH??? For one I think this is too huge to be a butterfly. Unless the angle of the shot is wrong but still I pick moth. Butterflies are colorful and not as edgy as this thing seems to look.

  2. I’m not sure, but I know that butterflies usually rest with closed wings, while moths rest with open wings. So most likely this is a moth.

  3. Well, I can be sure that this is a moth. By looking at its large size and butterflies are usually slimmer, more beautiful and colorful.

  4. I could tell that it is really a moth, but I haven’t seen that one in person. It looks amazing.

  5. If this is a moth, then that’s one fine looking moth! It could totally contend with a butterfly’s beauty, which is rare. Awesome close up shot.

  6. This kindnof insect is a moth. It has a thick winged insect compared to common butterflies who only has a pair of thin wings.

  7. I could not tell if it is a mother or a butterfly, because I do not like butterflies very much, especially when they enter the house.

  8. It sure looks like a moth from that angle. It’s unusually “chubby” like moths are when in comparison to butterflies. Also, I think the thick feathery antennae is a dead give away.

  9. Taking a close look at the head, its definitely a moth. A butterfly doesn’t have a chubby head like that. Lovely picture

  10. A butterfly is more colorful than this, so this will definitely be a moth though it also has a bright nice color.

  11. Am hearing of moth for the very first time. It doesn’t look like a butterfly though.

  12. This is clearly a moth. The abdomen says it all. This moth looks so beautiful.

  13. It’s quite hard to tell the difference between a moth and a butterfly, as they are so related. But this looks more of a moth.

  14. This looks so much like the butterfly but I will believe it’s no butterfly. It looks more of a moth

  15. It’s impressive you managed to get the shot before the moth flew aways. That is good timing right there.

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