June 2014

12 thoughts on “Mountain Cry

  1. Remembered a Chinese movie I saw in 2016, mountain cry. Colourful picture Tom’s. You would av climbed a mountain to take this shot

  2. This is a redirection. I kinda expected it to have a monotone/ gloomy vibe due to the title? Not this colorful and light? Doing the unexpected huh??? I love it.

  3. I love everything natural and grrenish. It reminds me a lot about nature and how beautiful everything about it is.

  4. The mountain sure looks very lonely in the picture. It’s not far fetched to think the mountain is crying because of its isolation.

  5. It sounds ridiculous that mountains cries, but its an adage for the nature. Nice photoshoot there Tom.

  6. It took me a while to realize where the mountain was. It is quite blended with the background sky, especially with the cloud in front. Nice green contrast!

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