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Mr. Rogers Mural

Mr. Rogers Mural
Austin, Texas, United States

December 2018

25 responses to “Mr. Rogers Mural”

  1. Very good piece of work? I do not know who Roger is though. To answer the question NO I would rather have friends, People are priceless and even if they have one it is not of monetary value.

  2. I am not familiar who mr. roger is, but the thing is, the mural itself is beautiful. I do believe that this mural simple means that mr. rogers is well respected in the community.

  3. This is a good piece of work shot and captured by you.. it looks pleasing for your user’s viewing. Thanks for this

  4. I would love to be your neighbor to a person like mr-roger-mural. His smiles capture his inner beauty. I think he was one of those with good heart or a loving person.

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