HLS - The Letters Of Harvey L. Slatin

October 8, 1991

Hey, they’re, Udo!–

Just when I thought everything was under control, my monitor crashed. That put me out of action for a week. During that time I performed some of the household jobs that I postponed for several years. Mary was so shocked that she had to take bedrest with an icepack on her forehead.

I could have bought a replacement monitor the same day, but my guru stepson has “connections.” He was able to get one for $70, but it had to be ordered and shipped. I like it better than the original. The word on repairing the crashed monitor was that the cost would probably equal or exceed the cost of a new one. Maybe the problem is nothing more than a blown fuse. If you have any clues, please advise. The old one is in the attic, pending free advice from helpful friends about fixing it.

Therefore, the next issue of The Valley Voice pends, but some of the unforgettable articles have been written. You probably have the next issue of The Daily Rag printed. The pressure is building up. My reputation is at stake. “Inky” Hive is chuckling, Lukenbill is sneering, Bergleitner is giggling. (No word on Leona Helmsley.)

We may miss deadlines, but we never miss an edition!

Regards to Anne and Thomas.

Stand by the mailbox with hope in your heart.

Fred C. (“Start The Presses!”) Dobbs

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