December 19, 1987

Dear Herr Doktor,

Under seperate cover I have just sent you six disks, formated for DOS on one side. The question is do I tell you my sad story first or give my instructions as to what to do with them. I think I will go for the latter.

Will you take one of these disks and transfer to it the following files;

XXXX.PAS (Some small program of your choice)

Will you now using this disk, compile xxxx.pas, if this is successful send me the disk poste haste.

My troubles remind me of the early days of computing, when there were twenty steps on ten pieces of equipment five of which were usualy out of order. As it is we start with, the original Turbo source disk, your copy for use, your copy of this to a disk to form the Osborne using communication software through the cable, to the ATARI software (here we have tried two varietys), to the DITTO software emulator. We know the following

An error was called by the Osborne software in handling TURBO.EXE

On the first attempt to run EXE it gave a message to call Borland.

On later attempts it ran and used TURBO.HLP etc, but said it could not access TPL.

TPC never went past an error message it issued saying that TPL was either bad or not there.

TINST loads and sits there doing nothing.

The other EXE files seem to work.

It is amazing how easy it is to waste time with a PC. This morning I noticed a program called ACCENTS, you write into it in English and it writes back in one of several accents, cockney, obscene, Italian etc. I downloaded it and the download aborted, I ended with ACCENT.PRG which would not run being incomplete, and ACCENT.MOD which I recognized as MODULA-2. The whole idea so intrigued me that I reactivated my MODULA-2 compiler and tried to compile it, the result was a bunch of errors. Now I never really got into M2 so I don’t know whether I have the wrong M2, an incomplete program or what. I threw it away, having only wasted about two hours.


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