My very early photography, circa late 1980’s / early 1990’s.

13 thoughts on “My Very Early Photography

  1. You have come along way and your growth is amazing. It is not easy for sure but what counts is you are here now. Very good job!!!!

  2. Nice clicks look like you were a good photographer since your childhood. you are lucky to have all these photo.

  3. Great compilation of people, trucks and dogs! There a lot of value in finding older pieces of photography or artwork, so you can compare and reflect with your work today. Sometimes it also helps your creative process.

  4. Wow even then you were really that good in photography. It’s so nice that you have captured those moments.

  5. you have been talented right from time. I like the way you capture your photos. They are always so unique

  6. When you took this pictures then, it all will look rubbish but now see how grateful we all are for you taking this pictures. Nice shot man….

  7. I really like your photographs, I can see that you did not lose sight of any family event or the neglect of any of your relatives and even your pet, what a beautiful family.

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