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Nancy Lewis, Passionate About Pet Nutrition Joins Paw Tree

  • March 4, 2018

News release provided by journalist/publicist, Lisa Pellegrene. For questions about this release feel free to reach Lisa Pellegrene directly at or To reach Nancy Lewis directly, email

Nancy Lewis, as pictured with her dog, a Labradoodle named Bayla.
Nancy Lewis, as pictured with her dog, a Labradoodle named Bayla.

Nancy Lewis, Passionate About Pet Nutrition Joins Paw Tree

(Seattle) – Dedicated to providing proper care for her beloved Labradoodle Bayla, as well as other domestic animals, Nancy Lewis became a “Pet Pro” with Paw Tree after extensively reviewing their company product line. Lewis stated in a recent interview, “after researching the company and learning more about the home office staff, I jumped on board.” She continued, “I then started meeting other Pet Pros as well as the company founder. Quickly, I earned customers and began growing my team.” Paw Tree was founded by Roger Morgan, who previously worked as a CEO in the pet industry for nearly a decade. He joined efforts with a team of veterinarians to bring healthier products to the pet communities, free of by-products and on par with better nutrition than what is offered by the large majority of pet food companies. Lewis also stated that she joined the company largely due to the reason that the company “offers customized pet nutrition plan which it offers to each individual pet”, and “they use the highest grade ingredients in their products, never fillers.”

The company offers specific supplements for dogs aged seven and older, to improve cognition, according to the website of the company. Paw Tree, as stated by Nancy Lewis, has also recently introduced an “Allergy Support Plus” supplement for dogs and cats. The supplements are available in a chew tablet form, indicated as “helping pets with seasonal and environmental allergies.” An additional supplement, “Gastro Pro Plus” includes added prebiotics, probiotics and digestive herbs, and enzymes, which as articulated by Lewis, “alleviates digestive issues.” Skin Support Plus, also offered by Paw Tree is utilized to “promote healing to hot spots, red irritated skin, itching paws and flaky skin.” A product that is also remarkable to mention is a joint support supplement offered by the company. The ingredients are a synergistic combination of components known to be effective for joint support to include Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulfate, Hyaluronic Acid, MSM, Yucca, Curcumin (Turmeric), Corydalis and Boswellia, at a moderate price point in comparison to other products which are similar in nature. As described on the company’s website, this formula contains, “the highest level of active ingredients, along with the addition of herbs to support healthy soft tissue, and healthy cartilage.”

Nancy Lewis spoke of her career path which eventually lead her to Paw Tree. “After working in medicine as an EMT, MA, and a MED/SURG Technician in a large emergency room and for several different surgeons in their offices, I hung up my medical jacket and started my own business teaching piano for about about 15 years. Then, the opportunity presented itself to work with helping pets live longer, healthier, happier lives through great nutrition, I jumped on the opportunity to do so.” Lewis concluded, “I have loved pets as long as I can remember, and love assisting others. Good nutrition can make the difference between a happy, healthy pet, opposed to poor nutrition which can cause a pet to become sick, unhappy pet or even cause premature death,” concludes Lewis.

To inquire about products please reach Nancy Lewis directly via email at Her website is, where those interested to inquire about products may do so.

Nancy Lewis and her husband Jeff reside in the Seattle, WA area, both attended Utah State University. Lewis was born in Brigham City, Utah and raised in Malad, Idaho.



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