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Napoléon Bonaparte Quote



“History is a set of lies agreed upon.” —Napoléon Bonaparte

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  1. Well, we can’t be too sure of some histories since we were not opportune to be there. So plus or minus some tiny bits of lies might be infused into it too.

  2. Proving history is too hard specially without evidences and artifacts. It is true somehow that we just agree to it whether it is a lie.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with this quote. History as a whole is remembered by a lot of people who are made to believe what the victors want them to believe.

  4. I will have to agree a bit as most times there’s no evidence or good records in place to back up histories so as such some might be mere fiction.

  5. I guess we never get the full vertion of the history, and the existent vertions can be subjective. But still, we need history to make detitions and take a direction.

  6. Pretty blatant statement. I’d like to think some history is factual, but there is definitely some that has been misconstrued over time.

  7. Well said. especially where it says “well agreed.” Sometimes we just believe what has been documented as history.

  8. Sorry I have yo disagree with Napoleon here. I mean sure it is in human nature to lie so it is not that far fetch than some of our ancestors lie as well. However, to say that all of history is just that is just a lack of insight to me.

  9. This post is interesting, but I beg to disagree a little bit. In any case, history is a chronological detail of events that have happened over time. How can a documentation of someones life be a bunch of lies agreed upon? Even if that individual was living a lie, that remains his true history.

  10. There’s a lot historical inaccuracies in our history books it’s hard to fault this quote. Napoleon is my muse 🙂

  11. I could agree. In a sense they are lies on the perspective of the opposite party. They are the truth on the perspective of the other.

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