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Neil Gaiman Quote



“A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.” —Neil Gaiman

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  1. “A book is a dream that you hold in your hand”….put into words buy great men and women. Read good books and grow. I love reading, found myself engrossed with it

  2. I believe in this too, because some books expose us to our dreams and if we work at it according to the book, we might just have it right.

  3. I am a book writer, producer, and a librarian. I love this quote, because I am always on the go with books. There is no way you can do without books as a professional photographer Tom. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is just a literal one. A book always tells a story, letting you dream the events being written.

  5. Cool outlook. Putting ideas onto paper is definitely a way to convey imagery and ideas. The thought of having a tangible dream at your finger tips is very exciting.

  6. Another lovely quote that I can relate to. Thanks for sharing these amazing quotes Thomas. Keep them coming!

  7. With a book a dream can come alive or it can be quench forever. I have a dream and I stand by it.

  8. Not just a book but our upbringing as well. In my case my dream and the man I am now is molded by comics. I say is because up to now I still view it as an influence. For writers however, I imagine it will have more impact. Especially if the story is very close to them.

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