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January 3, 1992

Hey, they’re, Udo!–

Enclosed: update on Lukenbill, per Your request for all the important news from The Big Tomato.

Lesser news: the holiday season is winding down, after many activities. More than half of the assembled family members have birthdays or anniversaries at rear end, adding to the Xmas and New Year’s festivities. At times exhausting, especially for our one daughter-in-law who likes nothing better than a big family gathering at her house. She has held three recently, two sit-down dinners. She recovers rapidly, and makes plans for more. We are exhausted, she thrives.

We had about 1-1/2 inches of rain, which puts us ahead of last year at this time. The Bee is quick to point out that we are still behind seasonal average, and will probably all die of dehydration by the end of July, excluding those who die sooner. Step-son who retired from the USAF is kicking off a small business out of his house, which is a couple of blocks from us. He is also working as a semester guru at lBM. We are helping him get started, by organizing the office administration. Very educational. The trick is to get al the necessary licenses, permits, authorizations, tax requirements, mailing arrangements, prospect listings, etc., before making any moves that break some law you never heard of. Laws you never heard of are required by law to exceed in number all other laws.

With Cuomo bowing out 9to spend more time with his family), The Little People’s Party will come into its own. Donald Trump will slip an unmarked envelope under the door of party headquarters. Allan Cranston will send you a new set of reeds for your concertina, because “Everybody does it.” George Bush will invite you to the White House. (Don’t go.) Mayor Dinkins will say that you were an outstanding New Yorker while you lived there, although he doesn’t remember you. Lukenbill will approach you about a stadium in Stamford, to be funded totally by Stamford, including costs for his personal publicity. (Refer him to George C. Bergleitner.)

Mail delivery has not been too reliable here recently. Hope you receive this sometime during 1992.

Mary is having laser surgery on one eye later today. The is optimistic.

Best regards to Anne and Thomas.

Fred C. (“Little Tomato”) Dobbs

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