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No Dark Sarcasm In The Classroom

No Dark Sarcasm In The Classroom

December 2015

27 responses to “No Dark Sarcasm In The Classroom”

  1. The tittle is giving me a different vibe but the photo is okay by me. The dim effect is giving the photo a unique look

  2. Looks like the gym is under construction. Lovely cool picture. Nice drawings too on the wall

  3. It is sad for me to see that a classroom, where they teach us our first letters, we leave it abandoned and in poor condition.

  4. This classroom is on the decline, and it will soon be worse if you don’t do some remodeling and proper cleaning.

  5. Could this be an abandoned classroom, then it will need some work done before usage again but it can be useful when put in order.

  6. Well this room needs a renovation and this can be donated to children who can’t afford to go to school. This can be a learning room for the less fortunates.

  7. Definitely an abandoned classroom, the board space still marked. Will take a lot to put together. Lovely picture

    • Though the house is abandoned, it’s very well lit and nothing sarcastic can hide here. There is hope of renovations.

  8. What’s that written on the wall? The place looks like its been empty for a while but has been visited my stray artists. But the vignette effect on the photo looks like its a scene from a horror clip.

  9. Well it is well lit but the room looks bad. If this is a classroom it can be rebuilt to look good as new. If I may add clean the walls too. Well these days rooms like these are empty.

  10. Wow, is hard to think of that space like a classtoom. I’m wondering why schoolls also get abandoned.

  11. These writings on the wall shows that it must have been a very lively class. The learners left their signature on the wall.

  12. The landscape mode was perfect for this shot. You captured a very large area of the class.

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