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No Mercy (Black And White Edit)

No Mercy (Black And White Edit)


19 responses to “No Mercy (Black And White Edit)”

  1. This place does not motivate me to visit it ever, since it was plunged into oblivion and deterioration.

  2. The black and white really makes this image less creepy. Abandoned and forgotten room. Your work are always it beauty, thanks always Tom

  3. The atmosphere of this photo has an eerie feel to it. Like someone is there just watching you. Amazing photography!

  4. The place looks very old. I hope they restore it or better yet build a new building in that land.

  5. Could this be termed a dingy room, Absolutely there’s no mercy for this room. Everywhere is a big mess.

  6. It looks like what used to be a hospital bed next to the window. Hopefully the patient who was once here is well now.

  7. This makes me really sad. An abandoned disbaled person there I can see the clutches left. The B&W effect adds drama to it.

  8. Living the rest of your old life in a nursing home is sad and depressing. It really has no mercy to those old people who still wish that they are still part of their families’ lives.

  9. I do like black and white edit because of it’s classic looks. The room is really scattered.

  10. What kind of place is this? I hope it wasn’t a place of torture?. The place looks like an abandoned hospital or something.

  11. Awww is kind of sad to think about the last person who lived in that room. It loks like she/he was a person with a lot of needs.

  12. Ful of emotion… the bandages wrapped around the top of the crutches for some reason struck me… a last personal touchstone in the midst of abandonment, almost like a whisper – “Remember me.”

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