Arthur S. Covert
112 Front Street
Schenectady NY 12305


June 15, 1986

Dear Herr and Frau Doktor,

I have been remiss in keeping you informed of progress on the many fronts on which we are inching slowly forward.

Patrick after spending a week at Hyde Park theatre has accepted a position as lead electrician with Shakespeare and Company, Lenox Mass. He will be there for at least a month and there is hope that he will be away longer. The only fly in this ointment is what does one do with the cat.

I have not yet secured the paint but still have it in mind.

On the computer front I am writing this on my poor old and neglected Osborne, just to keep my hand in on it. I have spent a great deal of time with the Atari exploring the Mandelbrot set. I enclose some pictures of it’s contours in some areas of the complex plane.

I have secured, Friday last, a null-modem but ave still failed to get the two computers to talk to each other. I am still trying.

I have subscribed to GEnie, GE’s information facility. Eighteen dollars to join and five dollars and hour in non-prime time. Last night was my first trial. They have 470 Atari files for downloading, the local bulletin board has about twenty. Can we imagine what they have for IBM. The problem is what do we want if any. The descriptions are one line and usually in some jargon. From the local boards I have got some good stuff the Mandlbrot program and a program for indexing disks such as I felt you needed.

Also a plug in clock so that the machine will know what time it really is without bugging me about it.

I am wondering if I am living opposite a disorderly house, at the least. There are so many unmuffled cars, motor cycles, pick up trucks arriving at odd hours of the day and night, the sounds of partying from 1:00 to 4:30, every night not just weekends. Not terribly loud parties, seemingly mostly male parties, maybe its a poker game. Still its loud enough to keep others in the same house awake. There are some six apartments in a space for three.

Well thats the situation here no real news.

Yours truly,

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