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Norfolk Southern 5659 (Edit)


March 2016

15 responses to “Norfolk Southern 5659 (Edit)”

  1. For an old train it is not that beat up as I would have imagined. Well we sure come a long way since we have bullet trains now. Never the less it owes its existence to a classic like this one.

  2. Nice shot, Tom. I guess this train served humanity in its era. Now that we have light trains, technology had improved on what they have invented before. Thanks for sharing

  3. The company has been in operation for long. It’s a good corporation with what they offer. Good photo though.

  4. An old train doing really what it was manufactured for, moving from one place to the other dropping off passengers. I like this shot.

  5. What states does it go through? Or is that train retired from service already? I can’t really tell because it looks so well maintained.

  6. Meaning, clear and high quality photography output. This train looks so clean. I live to travel in train. Nice work there Tom.

  7. This doesn’t like a train still in use though the body still looks ok but Its usefulness like before. A good shot you gave it by the way.

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