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Number 5 In The Shop

August 2009

23 responses to “Number 5 In The Shop”

  1. What an old strong train is this. I bet it, it’s not working! I love the caption, the effect . It makes it looks really strong

  2. A shop full of equipment of different types. Lovely train….this trains are really seen out there this days. Good output pal….more grease to your elbow

  3. I think the black and white goes well with this shot. It gives it that unique old school feel.

  4. Brilliantly captured photographs. The numbering is so important in a situation where you have many equipments like that.

  5. A shot well taken. The title give a unique meaning and the black and white edit did same to the photo

  6. I can’t remember the last time I rode on a train like this. That has to go into my bucket list.

  7. It is the first time I am seeing these old trains this close. Much thanks for sharing the lovely shots.

  8. It is good that it’s being maintained. It will surely help the engine works in a good condition.

  9. Train in a shop or how, I didn’t really get this photo. But it is a nice one. This was well shot.

  10. This let me remembers part of movies that has trains. I am always fascinated by trains.

  11. I would like to be able to see this majestic machine up close, and to be able to see the interior of its facilities, it must be very comfortable.

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