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NY-30 (Edit)

NY-30 (Edit)

July 2007

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22 responses to “NY-30 (Edit)”

  1. A highway to where not hell I hope. Anyway this looks like the future to me. A long road filled with uncertainties and unknowns but we travel anyway because that is how life works. Good or bad it begins with a small step.

  2. You did a good job with the edited version of this photo. This looks like the gate was to a beautiful place

  3. It looks like a long way to do, it makes me think of big challenges that keep me daily motivated, here I walk a bit every day to get closer to the goal.

  4. Looks like the place where the movie, In The Tall Grass was filmed. Anyway, the road looks well maintained. The scenery is calming and beautiful.

  5. Empty long highway great metaphor for life. We’re all in search for something and not necessarily sure where the journey will take us. Quality pic!

  6. What a wide long road. This should be a high wayleading to different places in the city. This should be a night shot.

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