NYC Grunge Photography

  • November 2, 2010

Those lucky enough to live near a big city or urban area know that these places are perfect for locations for grunge photography. The last time I took a trip to New York City, I took a lot of photographs of grunge and street art, and whatever else caught my eye on the street. Here are some of the highlights; the entire set is available here on Flickr.

I've Seen Better Times

One of the most recognizable facets of Urban Grunge are, without a doubt, stickers. In New York City, stickers are everywhere. Most are promoting music bands, websites, businesses, or blogs. A small minority of stickers that are posted are just simple pictures, like this one, which unfortunately, has been scratched and torn. On a side note, my business uses stickers as part of its advertising campaign; click here for more information.


In the side of a 1-foot tall concrete wall, I found this small tile artwork that reminded me of the 8-bit video games I played as a child. A good photographer takes eye-catching photographs; a great photographer takes awe-inspiring photographs of things most people don’t seem to notice.

Obey Giant on 10th Ave and West 23rd Street

Pedestrian crossing signs are popular places for people to stick their stickers. Here, on the corner of 10th Avenue and West 25th Street, we clearly see a large Obey Giant sticker.

Gay Couple on West 23rd Street

Another photo taken on West 23rd Street reveals just how popular stickers are these days; the traffic light control box is almost completely covered in them!

'Russ' The Homeless Man

Homeless people rarely consent to be photographed. I with Russ about my life as a photographer, and we shared stories of our life adventures. Russ, as luck would have it, has lived a much more interesting and exciting life than I ever could have imagined. He allowed me to take his picture, but asked that I only refer to him as Russ.

Here are some more photos that deserved mention, but weren’t commented…

SinkNo SmokingPush Your Luck!Empty Bottle of BoozeTeddy BearHave A HeartSlate...Feed The ModelsOh Shit!

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