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Ocean City

Ocean City, Maryland, United States

March 2008

23 responses to “Ocean City”

  1. What a good view all the houses facing the sea have, you must feel the strong air crashing against your face, and admiring the greatness of God.

  2. So many cool elements in this shot; the clock, the sandy beach the majestic sky. Lots of subjective context in what this photo is all about.

  3. Wow, this picture is very impressive, the place looks so clean and geometrically perfect. I love it

  4. The people living in those houses would be getting a wonderful view every day. But, I am wondering about the place that where is it.

  5. In here in my area these are danger zones. Especially that my country is in reality visited by 19 typhoons a year so areas like these are prone to floods. Good depiction though.

  6. Seriously, this is fantabulous. So serene and cool, the effect makes the sky look scary.

  7. I wish I can visit this place after all COVID restrictions has been put to hold. So lovely and peaceful to the eye.

  8. What a beautiful place to live, the black and white shade of this picture gives this ocean city a uniqueness.

  9. The futuristic and lonely look makes me want to paint this for some reason. Amazing photo as well. Keep up the cool work!

  10. This picture is quite captivating, there are a lot of things within the shot that makes you to keep on looking at it. I love the way the ocean seems to be at one with the cloud, and the serenity about it.

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