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Offer Me Alternatives And I Decline

Offer Me Alternatives And I Decline

August 2019

17 responses to “Offer Me Alternatives And I Decline”

  1. Hmmmm……Offer Me Alternatives And I Decline. You know better I believe. Nice shot there TOM.

  2. The caption is very unique although it has nothing to do with the shot. Anyway, what I love about the shot is the angle. The mirror was able to capture the other side of the entire view. I love that.

  3. If you don’t look at it closely, the reflection in the mirror looks pretty normal. But on closer look you see the current status and dilapidation of the room. Reflections on mirrors are somewhat eerie to me.

  4. I feel such a sadness and desperation in this picture. You really capture such emotions even in one shot like this.

  5. I’m really wondering what was declined here, is it the mirror or the dim room. All the same it still a good shot I believe you did a good job.

  6. Perfect shot! The look you did capture on the mirror makes the photograph more detailed. I would say it’s wonderful!

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