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Old Fridge (Edited Alternative Take)

Old Fridge (Edited Alternative Take)July 2011

13 responses to “Old Fridge (Edited Alternative Take)”

  1. Wow, memories of my grandma’s fridge just flash through my head. She does allow us touch it cause it shocks. Nice one

  2. This must be very old, the color is even fading away. I think I have come across this once or twice in my life.

  3. I laugh with tears down my eyes. Its been long I saw this fridge. Its really an old school one.

  4. Even if it’s old, as long as the wiring still works, I will definitely use this. This is a very good refrigerator for sure.

  5. Looks like it had taken a rough beating throughout the years. I’m pretty sure it would still work if it gets repaired. That’s what I love about old stuff, they’re almost always of a better quality than the newer models we have nowadays.

  6. This reminds me of the fridge that Indiana Jones used to hide from a nuclear blast? Anyway we do not see these models now. Tech is now integrated in its function. That is a good thing.

  7. Yes, this is really a very old fridge. Don’t know if this still works properly. Some people like to keep old things, but sometimes they can be valuable :).

  8. The refrigerator is in very poor health conditions, it should be in a junk yard, to decontaminate the place.

  9. That’s a stingy fridge. I’ll bet there’s some lingering odors once you open it. Great camera work in capturing its disheveled aura.

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