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Old Headlights

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15 responses to “Old Headlights”

  1. A nice shot. The black and white shade makes it look not so old, though you can tell from the look of the car that its old.

  2. This what an old car headlight looks like. I love the shot, for being a black and white photo.

  3. This is so classic,I can remember this on my dad’s old car. This really brought back memories and I like this aspect of your photography work.

  4. Old picture and nice..I love the paragraph though..makes me peer back in time at my teen years

  5. The subject does not shine without color let alone if it is daytime. I guess I expected the subject to be used but not just a still photo.

  6. I love the retro feel of the photo! I love old cars and this is just beautiful to me. Thanks for sharing the cool photo!

  7. Old car headlights. Could be classified as vintage. Old things were durable then not what we really have now.

  8. Really stylish pic. Those are some very vintage headlights. I feel like there’s a great story behind this shot and that this car’s been cruising for decades.

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