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Old Sneakers

Old Sneakers

May 2011

14 responses to “Old Sneakers”

  1. Old stuffs usually holds dearest memories. As what the photo depicts, this pair of shoes has been into many places and I guess had witnessed different events. Old stuff really looks good in black and white.

  2. Nothing beat the sight when old things are dug up. It gives the feelings of being able to store things properly.

  3. The sneaker is way past its prime..although it may still have some wear left in it..the owner can just give it out to the less privileged..

  4. Lovely photo you have here. Usually old things have sentimental value so I tend to store them despite the space of my house. I just love the memories that it gives me.

  5. My love for sneakers all time. But these are too old but I think appreciate them since it I love sneakers. Old things tends to be treasure

  6. Haha when i saw the post before the link of old sneakers i thought it was some kind of metaphor. Now when i see the old sneakers i understand why you mentioned they are really old am sure they can tell a lot of tales.

  7. I love pictures of such old keepsakes. Certainly makes me wonder of the miles the shoes have walked.

  8. Beauty vintage sneakers. They look like they could take a beating and still be of good use. Love the black and white.

  9. I’m sorry but I couldn’t stand old shoes. I think shoes should be replaced whenever they are already worn out.

  10. These looks like it has seen better days. It is a good thing though because each time you see it you could say. I have come a long way. Good job.

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