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Our Bodies Made Of Chemistry

Our Bodies Made Of Chemistry

November 2019

10 responses to “Our Bodies Made Of Chemistry”

  1. Well, you are not wrong. For one we are surrounded by SCIENCE. From the most smallest things down to our basic anatomy so I agree. Hell even this shot is embedded with science. Cameras, angle techniques etc. There is more to it though.

  2. Beautiful picture. I like very much this statues that represent somebody meditating. I like to imagine what would it be thinking about if it were alive.

  3. This is a beautiful statute which embodies beauty and signifies that our body can be as beautiful as a carved out statue if we do right with it.

  4. Chemistry lives with us everywhere even in our body. From our chemical intakes and our output as feases. Gods amazing work of perfection.

  5. It is very true. Our bodies are made of dust. Dust is made of matters. Chemistry is all about matter.

  6. God must be the greatest chemist to have made our bodies contain chemistry. I love this status and the way you captured it really brought out the professional skills in you.

  7. Statues or effigy are always adorable especially those that are made to be masterpiece. They can be daring but cute too.

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