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Out Of Order

August 2017

17 responses to “Out Of Order”

  1. This might have been a kid who was bored. Some kids love to live thier fingerprints everywhere.

  2. This is a good enough shot though I don’t get the caption. It still pure Bliss to look at.

  3. This photo has a story behind with the note on it,I’m sure if one probe further it could be revealed. I think like it like that.

  4. A good way to put a signature of the day the item you love went out of order. This can remind you even what you were doing at the moment.

  5. The little note on the paper is so cute. Being positive in a way although it’s already broken.

  6. Looks like someone won’t be washing their clothes today. Back to the good old handwash.

  7. This would make a good meme ha ha. Is this a note for a machine or a description of your day.

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