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Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android

April 2020

12 responses to “Paranoid Android”

  1. wow! This seems to have been left years back. These were the most famous vans back then.

  2. This yellow van looks like one of my grandfather’s old van. The way the rust is captured is remarkable. The details are great.

  3. This must have been abandoned there for some reasons best known to the owner. Nice memory picture.

  4. What a sight to the eyes, it is sure to scare one as it is really creepy. I like the shot anyway though.

  5. The tree shedding its parts, the van rusting and dirty. One beautiful thing about this picture is the background sooo lovely

  6. An abandoned van. It can be restored and I would definitely do the renovation and make this a hippie one. Nice shot!

  7. Well, I love the hill and blue sky in the background. The tree is dry and needs water to flourish. I love the picture

  8. It looks old and abandoned. Restoring it will be a good idea because of the vintage trend.

  9. Everything about this post is so weird from the title to the photo itself but all the same it a job well done.

  10. It seems the tree is out to get someone that is passing by? That said, I really do not want to be stuck in here alone in the dark. If it is this creepy in broad daylight, how much more when the lights are out?

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