• TJB22

    This yellow van looks like one of my grandfather’s old van. The way the rust is captured is remarkable. The details are great.

  • Oyeyipo Oladele

    This must have been abandoned there for some reasons best known to the owner. Nice memory picture.

  • jolly555

    What a sight to the eyes, it is sure to scare one as it is really creepy. I like the shot anyway though.

  • Wilson Jake

    The tree shedding its parts, the van rusting and dirty. One beautiful thing about this picture is the background sooo lovely

  • Janine Bocateja

    An abandoned van. It can be restored and I would definitely do the renovation and make this a hippie one. Nice shot!

  • Prince

    Well, I love the hill and blue sky in the background. The tree is dry and needs water to flourish. I love the picture

  • brainedet

    Everything about this post is so weird from the title to the photo itself but all the same it a job well done.

  • Alex

    It seems the tree is out to get someone that is passing by? That said, I really do not want to be stuck in here alone in the dark. If it is this creepy in broad daylight, how much more when the lights are out?

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