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Past The Places Where I Used To Roam

February 2019


10 responses to “Past The Places Where I Used To Roam”

  1. You just made me remember our roaming homes too, there were mostly abandoned home though but I used to have fun then playing my hide and seek game.

  2. I think this house was owned by elite. It was a great hoyse back then considering the architecture.

  3. Nice photo.. Sometimes I go back to places I used to hang out as a kid..always brings back old memories

  4. Pretty house. With the caption, it feels like this is a place you would visit seasonally years ago. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I always equate old houses to something creepy. But this house isn’t, maybe because it’s all covered in snow.

  6. Looks like a great place! Somehow reminds me of my childhood, when I’d just run free and play hide and seek with my friends. Good old days.

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