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People Don’t Change The World, The World Changes People

take it or take it not?!
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The notion of people changing the world is one that has been written down, tossed around, and passed down through many generations.  It is said that everybody has the potential within themselves to one day rise up and change the world.  While this may be true, it has in recent years been evidenced only through pop culture, politics, and the media, who, for whatever reason, only report the bad things that are taking place.

In past years people have been able to change the world due to the fact that for whatever reason, they were provided with, or inherited power.  Others, such as myself, took a different approach and tried to change the world through art, writing, or music, with limited or questionable success.

Those with power include politicians, elected officials, and the wealthy.  On a somewhat limited basis, those with an impressive college degree from a well known university are among those who go on to hold political office or head major corporations.  The vast majority, however are the ones who are working hard everyday just to get by; they are poor by comparison, and have very little control over the way the world works.  And as time goes by, the void between the rich and the poor gets wider and the contrast becomes more obvious.

I was talking to a young man the other day who was working at a car repair shop mounting tires and changing oil.  He saw my sticker on the back of my car window and asked what my website was about.  After I explained it, he told me that he had recently gotten a degree in computer science with a minor in website design, but nobody would hire him without a masters degree.

Nobody gets hired anymore without a degree.  What doesn’t make sense is that it doesn’t matter what you have a degree in, so long as you have a degree.  If my business grows to the point where I need to hire someone, I’m going to hire someone who can prove their skills, regardless of their college experience.  In fact, I have met quite a few people who have degrees but are complete failures in the game of life.

I have a theory that employers can no longer discriminate against poor or minorities, so instead, they use the degree status as an excuse to turn people away.

So how can someone change the world?  One cannot create change single-handedly, and at the same time, one cannot allow the world to change them in the process.  How has the world changed you in recent years?  Take a step back and take a real good look; we all change, live, and grow.

If anything, the world has made me a little bitter and a little depressed recently.  I’m just so sick and tired of people who judge others.  I don’t judge others, nor should anyone else.

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  1. Please change the highlighted from green. My 45+ year old eyes are having a really bad time reading it with all those green words. Use a brighter color. I like your writing but i can hardly stand to read it.

    • I think what you are speaking of are the highlighted words that are ad-served. This is done at random.

      I will look and see if I can change the color of the Ad Words.

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