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This past week, renowned photographer Thomas W.P. Slatin teamed up with model, Makayla Martinez for a photo shoot in Middletown Springs.

Renowned adventure and nature photographer Thomas W.P. Slatin, paired up with model Makayla Martinez to capture the beauty of Vermont through their images, depicting the beauty of Vermont in the fall. Vermont is a beautiful state, with a lot of natural beauty found most everywhere one looks – this is a statement of general consensus that most all can wholeheartedly agree upon.

The photographs were taken on Thomas Slatin’s property in Middletown Springs, Vermont. “I used the Poultney River for the shoot, which runs through my property. It’s so beautiful,” states Slatin. The inspiration behind the photo shoot of Makayla in a vintage wedding dress is an idea that according to Slatin he had wanted to bring to fruition for “a long while.” “I had wanted to take pictures of Makayla in a vintage wedding dress. We found the beautiful wedding dress at a thrift store for a nominal fee.” Combining this with nature, my years of experience as a photographer, and Makayla as a model, the images which resulted I find to be stunning in an artistic way.” Continuing, “I wanted to shoot a bridal story based on a fairy tale where things, for whatever reason, didn’t go according to plan, and the bride ran to the river in search of solace and clarity.”

“Makayla is a talented model,” states Slatin. She is very creative. I simply told her the premise behind the intended shoot, and Makayla only needed direction when she was entering and exiting the water.” Slatin’s opinion on the shoot and the resulting images, “I think that the model against the autumn leaves is most beautiful, and although perhaps cliche, it is almost haunting. I definitely think the images stand alone to tell a story of a bride who is moving on in life, yet first she must take time to reflect on life surrounded by the peace and inspiration found in nature.”

When model Makayla Martinez was asked what her favorite image is from the photo shoot, she selected one that she refers to as “Blinded by Nature.” Slatin had asked her to do something artistic, and Makayla states, “I found two leaves and placed them over my eyes for the photo.”

Martinez continued, “I feel “we” as a society are often so oblivious to the beauty that surrounds us found in nature, which is right outside our door. Nature gives us the freedom to search ourselves too and find peace, and joy when the rest of the world at times feels so chaotic. ” Concluding, “I love the simplicity of the photo and how from the picture itself, standing alone, it tells a story.”

Slatin states, “I wanted to accomplish beautiful photographs and a successful photo shoot – resulting in images that would be worthy to publish on my iStock by Getty Images portfolio as a contributor. Through my work as a photographer, and Makayla’s work as a model, we accomplished this goal with ease.”

The photographs are now available on Getty Images iStock, via Slatin’s portfolio at the following link, Thomas Slatin’s photography may also be found on his award winning blog, When asked what inspired him the most about the photo shoot, “I am in love with this location,” states Slatin, especially the river landscape as it is now where I live, so it is a landscape I visit literally every day while exploring my property.”

Makayla Martinez loves to skateboard. The images of model Makayla Martinez skateboarding were taken in Rutland, Vermont, also with a Canon 5DSR.

A reminder to other models, and truly anyone wanting to live a life they love and do work that they love utilizing their talents and natural abilities, “I’m working on finding and representing myself in a modest and confident way. I love nature, I love skateboarding. Beauty is found in being our authentic self, and this is truly me. Concluding, “I hope to work on commercial print type photo shoots, national or regional commercials and not just print work, although I love print work too. Continuing, “I love fashion print where it is based in an authentic style, such as the ones where I am skateboarding or truly reflecting in nature. I want to be a positive influence for others to show others that anyone can accomplish their dreams as long as the put their heart and mind to it.”

As a model, Martinez expressed that she appreciates “the feelings of knowing people are going to see me in a different way where I now feel beautiful from within and I think that exudes outwardly. Now I’m free to show my vulnerability and reach others through my artistic side, and be my true self. I think that there is a lot of beauty in that.”


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  1. This is the third feature of her and I like it. I still do not like the wet dress but hey it is an artistic choice. This is definitely better compared to the black and white shot previously. Good job!!!

  2. This made a good read. I will like to visit Vermont as a beautiful state, with a lot of natural beauty found most everywhere one looks

  3. Full of confidence and control. I love this and really wish seeing the white and black pix of the skateboard.

  4. I love some of these pictures, especially with the wedding dress. All these images seem to have their own beauty and uniqueness.

  5. Nice article, I love the shoot. The wet dress really getting me wonder “is that where she finds her solace”?

  6. Vermont is a place worth visiting, I will like to visit this place in the nearest future. Detailed write-up from you.

  7. Love the authenticity and that we get to see two sides to this model. Riding on a skateboard and a bride taking a dip in the water represent freedom and defiance in my opinion. Lots of cool things to take away from both these settings.

  8. This is a really great way to showcase the beauty of Vermont. I’m looking forward to more of your very beautiful photoshoot.

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