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Renowned photographer, Thomas Slatin, known for his work in adventure photography, shares his diverse range of photography work.

Photographer Thomas W.P. Slatin recalls some of his most interesting work, to share his photography with readers this week beginning with his photographs of The Madison Hotel in Stamford, New York.

Slatin discussed The Madison Hotel in a recent interview, stating, “I was fascinated and moved by The Madison Hotel in Stamford, New York. My family friends owned The Madison Hotel for many years, and I would often visit the old hotel as a child. Our family friend, Michael Jacobs, used the building as his office where he practiced law for many years. Sadly, Mr. Jacobs passed away suddenly, and soon thereafter the building fell into disrepair.” Continuing, “I was finally able to secure permission to go inside in the months before The Madison Hotel was slated for demolition. Walking into the building was as if I was stepping back in time. The upstairs rooms still contained the same furniture as they did when his children and I used to play upstairs.”

Slatin has many photographs to share this week as he recaps his best work of 2018 to continue the “Decade in Review” which began with 2010 and will conclude with 2020. Keep checking back for additional photos in the forthcoming days, which will be added to this article. Some of the highlights of his most memorable work from 2018 are as follows, as summarized by Thomas Slatin, with each referred to with the titles Slatin has given each.

Recalling a photograph entitled, “Alone in a Heavy Fog,” Slatin states, “This was at John Boyd Thacher State Park in New York. This single tree was photographed during very foggy weather at the park.”

Slatin states, “The photograph “No Mercy,” was an “extremely difficult shot.” Continuing, “The room was too small to allow me to photograph the scene, so I resorted to photographing the room by shooting the photograph through a hole that someone had punched through the wall.” This photograph was taken in Cairo, New York.

A photograph of Slatin’s, entitled “AONES In Deep” features an indoor swimming pool covered in spray paint at an abandoned resort hotel, Catskill Mountains, New York. Thomas Slatin has photographed many of the abandoned hotels of the Catskill Mountain region, which are available on his website,

Shoreline” is a photograph of a large pond, as photographed at Acadia National Park, Maine.

Another that Slatin entitled,”Bibliomania” was taken at an abandoned house, which was filled with books. The house was located in Schoharie County, New York.

Thomas Slatin’s camera of choice in 2018 was his Canon 5D Mark IV. “I literally had only one opportunity to get each of the photographs, and I needed the reassurance that they would be usable, I used almost all digital in 2018.”

“I did mostly urban exploration photography this year, with the exception of the photographs taken at the Camp Chateaugay reunion,” states Slatin. Camp Chateaugay is a summer camp located in Merrill, New York, and part of the region which makes up the Adirondacks.

Concluding, “In 2018, I grew as a photographer this year in part due to the encouragement and praise that I received from the publication of my photographs from The Madison Hotel in Stamford, New York, as well as the portraits that I took of my friends during the 2018 Camp Chateaugay Reunion. When I started to pursue my writing and photography, I was not expecting, nor anticipating fame or fortune. The joy for me is when someone reacts positively to that which I have created through the photographs I take, that to me, is most rewarding.”

Thomas W.P. Slatin’s extensive writing and photography work may be found on his blog, as well as via his iStock portfolio on Getty Images at the following link:

20 thoughts on “Photography Featured From Catskills And Acadia National Park

  1. Im googling photography skills as Im a blogger and my photography is DREADFUL. I just went on safari and none of my photos are any good. Do you have any advise for a simple point and click type camera that would take good photos of aniamls. medium distance. Thanks very much

    1. The quality of an image ultimately depends on two factors; the quality of the camera, but more ultimately, the skill and experience of the photographer. One must become proficient in the use of a camera in order to produce stunning photographs, much like the act of giving someone a pen and paper will not immediately result in quality writing.

      To answer your question, I have been shooting with Canon cameras literally my entire life, and this is a camera that I recommend if you are looking for a point-and-shoot. Ideally, I would gravitate towards an SLR, because the image quality will generally be far superior when coupled with a lens that is specific to the subject. I currently shoot with a Canon 5DS R with various lenses, which sometimes cost tens of thousands of dollars. Please note that I am in no way being compensated for this advice, nor getting any sort of commission; I am simply answering your question.

      Thanks for your comment. Feel free to reply with any further questions or discussion. 🙂

  2. Having worked in the photo industry in upper sales management for over 20 years, I agree totally with your choice of Canon cameras. I began in the industry before digital, and was there through the transition into digital. I felt Canon remained superior then, and still does today. Excellent choice. But the other half is… your eye. Well done and well stated, Tom!!

  3. A good thing to recall your past is through taking pictures. If I were given a chance I would sure go to places like this where in you can picture thing you used to do in that place. Well there is a different perspective in the eye of the photographer. He can see the best picture in the most uncertain ways. What a talent he has.

  4. Tom making his generation proud via his skill and expertise. Your writing and photography work speaks volume. You are doing great

  5. I remember this one but where is the cat? Seriously??? However I guess no matter what the text says. This park will always be beautiful. Nature at its finest.

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