Harvey L. Slatin
78 Main Street
Stamford, New York 12167

August 7, 1992

Dear Thomas,

Say, what am I, pickled herring?  All your letters are addressed, both internally and externally to, “Anne P. Slatin.”  None are addressed to me.  Say bud, without me, you not only wouldn’t be here, you wouldn’t be period.  I am the Lord and Master (provided your mother isn’t listening) and keep that in mind.

The largest super soakers in the world are the fire fighting equipment used.  On land, the water from hydrants or other water sources as lakes, pools, or ponds, are drawn to a pumper where it is put under pressure.  The hoses will spout hundreds of gallons a minute.  They can shoot water to heights of 100 feet and usually require three or four strong men to hold the end of the hose nozzle.  Should one man sneeze and let go, the others would go flying off in all directions.  Fireboats have a permanent fixed installation and the direction, elevation is determined by a servo-computer operated by input.  Fire boats need to be able to spray huge quantities of water many feet higher than land based units, since they don’t have ladders and can’t get as close to the fire.  Now that is a SUPER SOAKER!

I am sure that you are the most experienced hiker in the Mounties.  You had Boy Scout training and have hiked and had overnights many times.  I am glad to see that you are a natural born leader and take command.  After all, the one with the most knowledge should take over.

Your vacation at camp is drawing close.  I know you will miss it, but all good things eventually come to an end.  Have fun and take care.



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