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Pipe Raceway

Pipe Raceway

June 2019

15 responses to “Pipe Raceway”

  1. What a lonely place..doesn’t look abandoned though…I wonder what that place is used for

  2. Quite a lot of pipes up there. Probably for more than just supplying electricity and water, I guess. That is, if the place was still active. I suppose that if someone was cheeky and skillful enough to remove the pipes and do a bit of metalwork on them, he (or she) would probably have the longest racecourse for marbles or anything else that would fit into them.

  3. Nice photo shoot man. The room doesn’t look abandoned though but looks lonely like a place for clearing and forwarding item and goods. The photographer really made a great capture there.

  4. Amazing photo you captured! I just love how you captured the atmosphere of the place. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  5. Those are too many pipes clustered in one place. This must have been some kind of industry.

  6. I wonder what place this is for before. I hopenit can be renovated because it is such a huge room.

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