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A fascinating glimpse into places that were left behind, abandoned, or simply forgotten about. Take a tour to many long-forgotten places that people rarely ever think about, and never visit. (114 Pages)


What others are saying about Entropy

This book is full of fantastic views and excellent photos. Well worth the price. Each photo will make you stop and think.” Incredible collection of photographs that say so much more than words could tell the story. The author’s eye is excellent. Thomas Slatin is indeed a genius! Don’t miss this one! Great investment that you will not regret.

Dick Woodhouse

Thomas Slatin is a talented photographer and this is definitely evident in his first book. This is a fantastic collection of his urban exploration photography, which truly he has been doing since he was a child with professional cameras that his dad had given him. It’s evident that he has honed his skills, having a camera in hand from a young age and now he is a published photographer. Anyone who follows his work and who loves urban exploration photography will definitely love this book. The book is of high quality and reflects quality technically on point photography work!

Lisa Pellegrene

About the author…

Starting as a career EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), bringing his dedication, courage, and compassion to the forefront of his public servant’s heart every single day, Slatin began his work as an EMT in 1998 with the Stamford Fire Department. Receiving his license at just 18-years-old, Slatin volunteered his time and service immediately, seeing everything from cardiac arrest victims, to gruesome scenes that made even the toughest of firefighters sick to their stomachs. As one of the few individuals in Delaware County, New York, who subconsciously knew he wanted to dedicate his time to protecting fellow citizens and community members, Slatin signed up for years of never-ending training and teaching, given the nature of his role as an EMT.

Tasked with learning about new medical discoveries, medication, procedures, and norms on the fly, in high pressure situations, Slatin felt his role of EMT challenged him to use different portions of his brain and dexterity all at once, rolled together with his natural compassion for his friends, neighbors, and community members.

Believing that all people should volunteer in one way or another, Slatin received immense personal joy from his role as a public servant. Simultaneously, gifted in the world of creative expression, Slatin was also pursuing his writing, photography, and website design business at the same time. But, it wasn’t until recently that he resigned after serving 18 years as a full-time paid EMT and Firefighter to finally pursue these innate passions and talents full-time.

Thomas Slatin has been employed as a writer, photographer, and website designer since 1998, when he was one of the first people to foray into the world of Internet indulgence. Ahead of the curve, Slatin knew that website platforms would be something of invaluable worth as the years progressed, aptly teaching himself how to master UX design and experience before the term “UX” was even used. He created his first website in high school, on which he began to showcase his photography work. Realizing no eCommerce solutions were available quite yet for the fulfillment of selling his photography, this market gap piqued his interest into pursuing the art of website creation even further.

Since then, he has mastered a variety of digital marketing techniques, adapting with the ever-changing nature of technology and how it relates to visual marketing. He builds all websites using the WordPress developer tool, considered one of the most difficult by modern-day website designers. Never satisfied with remaining complacent, he has even extended these talents into the millennial demands of the day, learning the tricks and tips of mastering photo-sharing app, Instagram, among others.

Slatin is a registered photographer with both Getty Images and iStock today, selling his work to interested entrepreneurs and business owners in need of crisp, clear, and creative photography that will help them tell their stories. Slatin is known for his urban exploration, nature, and locomotive photography. He has perfected both film and digital photography, as well as black and white, plus color, photography using his Canon 5D Mark IV.

Believing in the future as opposed to denying the scary nature of the unknown, Slatin uses many modern photo editing and sharing apps that he believes are important if he is to share the nature, subject, and passion behind his photography. More of a philanthropist and educator, Slatin uses millennial means to connect with a generation moving farther and farther away from the history and essence of the communities around us.

As clearly indicated by the multi-faceted life lived thus far by Thomas Slatin, he is never content simply accepting a role or two and staying still. Therefore, he is presently foraying into the world of historical building preservation and photography, hoping to provide a permanence and infamy to buildings that are essential to telling the stories long forgotten in America’s small towns. He is available to property owners, particularly those in the state of New York, who are in the process of restoring historical properties or locomotives. Slatin believes that photography can assist with the assessment of a property while documenting the current state of the property for owners wishing to preserve as much of the history as possible.

Today, Slatin is available for hire on a temporary, part-time, or freelance basis in the areas of writing or photography. He is always receptive to opening up his horizons and considering new projects that might be out of his wheelhouse. He believes that if we are to keep living, we must continue learning and harnessing the promises, hopes, and changes of the future. Delving deep into his public servant’s heart, where he will always be able to tap into compassion, courage, and empathy for those around him, Slatin is on a mission to educate, bring awareness, and underscore the value, importance, and culture of the communities, structures, and people around us.
— Alexandra Fasulo (Quoted From Original Article)

20 thoughts on “Praise For ‘Entropy’

  1. People like entropy that very encouraging for me that will like to look into it too. By the way thanks for bringing it to my knowledge.

  2. Thomas Slatin had been known for his excellent photos and writing this book is an outstanding effort to reveal some fascinating abandoned places. Thanks for sharing

  3. Beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder. Some appreciate the beauty of things fading, just like the pictures captured here.

  4. This really looks like a book I’d happily look through for all your gorgeous photos. Where can I buy this?

  5. I just saw this from the testimonial posted Slatin is indeed a genius! I will have agree with that poster. Absolutely you are a genius.

  6. The pictures from the book are amazing, I imagine whats written in it is even better. I’d love to read the book.

  7. Just from the brief, I have liked the book. Photos tell more than writing and that makes a book way better to read.

  8. Great compilation of photos! Amazing book. It always leaves you with a question about each photo.

  9. As we always say we find beauty in chaos. This is a perfect way to describe this. Although I find it rare. Me for one does not like it. I prefer life than death.

  10. It is awesome that you have published an urban exploration photography book, highlighting your work. I see many books in your future, as you have beautiful landscape, wildlife and outstanding locomotive photographs as well. I love your Getty Images iStock portfolio too, and of course 500 px.

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