Arthur S. Covert
112 Front Street
Schenectady NY 12305

September 10, 1986

Dear Herr Doktor,

Our letters have crossed. Lets hope they don’t do it again.

If you have received my last communication you will have noted that I have solved the problem of printing the patterns. All that is needed is to simultaneously depress the ALTERNATE key and the HELP key (as I have just done, results enclosed). If this does not work consult the manual. More seriously, I thought you had and knew how to use such a key combination. Maybe you can do it from the keyboard and want to know how to do it from the program, there is a way to do this on my machine although I have not used it. What I want to do is to save screen images created by the Circle_Square program on the disk and be able to see them again. I have done this once by a fluke of sorts and could do it again but it stores part of the window as well as the pattern. The answers to problems like this can be found in the operating system and machine language or at least C. I’m not sure I want to look. I have reason to think I might find the answer by calling the OSS PASCAL BBS in California. The reason is a one line description of a program that might describe something else. Well the first of your problems has been taken care of.

I received your letter just after I returned from my usual fifteen miles of cycling. This time was a little different in that a rather strong head wind had come along and I had stopped for a bit of rest and to watch some work on Lock 8 which involved wet suits and some four people who had cut a twenty food length of steel cable with a torch and who were going to make a loop in the hot end. I was hoping someone would forget it was hot but they all wore gloves. At any rate I was passed by a rather shapely dish who would ordinarily have outsped me but was tired by the wind, on the other hand I had rested abit and felt I would be inspired to face te wind if was close to her. I worked pretty well except I was more tired than usual. I read your letter and said to myself, by this time my old buddy will have said to himself the machine is telling me I can’t use WITH before it is a reserved word, I know this and am trying to use it as a reserved word, therefore there is something in the way I am using it maybe in the previous statement that is confusing it’s simple little mind. I had finished a whisky/soda and a sandwich, it was about 2:30, I then started a second round which indicates my physical and metal state. My weight was 194 at the beginning of the week it should have been 184. Since then I have been substituting salads and vegetables for potatoes and bread.

I assumed that when I got around to reading your enclosed printout I would see what the error was so I took a bit of a nap. How wrong I was! You need a new ribbon in your printer.


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