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9 responses to “Pyromania”

  1. Looks like a deliberately and purposefully setting the fire, is it to create light for the camera for just bush burning. You captured from a perfect angle Tom.

  2. Wowww!! Edgy photo!! It looks like it’s near the dawn of creation when man made fire. The lighting and intensity of the flames are outstanding. I can’t wait to see more provocative pics like this.

  3. I don’t know if this is called fire hunting or a one man camp fire. All the same, the shot is pretty cool despite it was taken at night. Thanks my big his Tom.

  4. Very dramatic picture in black and white. Even just these 2 colors didn’t put a dent on the roaring majesty of the fire in all its fiery splendor.

  5. There’s something unique about this fire that I can’t seems to place my hands on. This photo is so outstanding and can used as an art work as well.

  6. Though I’m never a friend to fire due to the harm it caused me but never stop admiring it’s picture from afar. Just a lovely shot.

  7. Fire can both create and destroy. It describes as humans in a way because we find beauty in chaos and violence but we can be a force for good as well. Fire is not dangerous the one wielding and directing it is.

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