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Rachael Carson Quote



“The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction.”
– Rachael Carson

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  1. I love this message. Once we realize how limitless and complex the universe is it heightens our imagination and sense of care for our surroundings. I know many space experts will tell you that good energy will prevent the galaxy and our planet from getting sucked into a giant wormhole. I wonder if Rachel had that sentiment in mind.

  2. Amazing message! The more we pay attention to each gift that our God gives us every day, each of us will live better. This message gives us the vision of what is happening today.

  3. Such clear and wonderful message. I totally agree with it. We just need to be happy with what we have. Life goes on as we know it.

  4. Very wise woman, I totally agree with her. If we could get to apreciate how amazing the world and life is, everything would be so different.

  5. This is such a good and very wise quote from an admirable woman. She can clearly see the depths of everything.

  6. For me, the world is too big with so many questions that no one can answer. If you try to find out, you will never get an answer but just opinions that differ from everyone. So just live this life everyday and enjoy … 🙂

  7. Always learn to look at the bright side. However for me at times we must give in to negativity. For us to admit that we are hurt and healing can begin. Let me be clear though, GIVE IN but never give up nor dwell on it for too long.

  8. No doubt dear, the more clearly we can focus on nature the more successful we get. Because we have familiarize ourselves to what the universe entails.

  9. We need to pay utmost attention to each gift that God provides us. The god gives us the right vision of what occurs nowadays.

  10. The more attentive and focus to the natural gifts of nature, the more better we become. Just a true quote, thanks for sharing

  11. I really do wonder what goes on, on the minds of destructive people. The universe has a way of fighting those destroying it.

  12. Your message is the truth, we can be the best we want to be. The best thing is going for what we want aganist all odds.

  13. Excessive curiosity and ignorance in humans may cause destruction. And it’s true we need to focus our intentions on the wonders and realities of the universe about us.

  14. It’s wise to always take time off and marvel at the beauty of the universe. We will learn to appreciate it more that way.

  15. The quote is very true. Once we can appreciate the beauty that the universe accords, all feelings of destruction fade away.

  16. I will never understand the people who have a taste for destruction. Life simply has so much to offer!

  17. The wonders and realities of the universe are a thing of beauty. I always appreciate them.

  18. Just from the quote, I can tell Rachael is a very wise and intelligent woman. She is an inspiration and I’ll definitely learn more about her.

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