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Rainbows End

September 2017

12 responses to “Rainbows End”

  1. Rainbows are always interesting to look’s been long i saw one though..great picture..

  2. I really love the saying there’s a pot of gold at the end of the raimbow. The picture is simply amazing. I love it.

  3. Where is the pot of gold? he he Anyway this is such a sight o behold. It does not last yes but perhaps that is why it is beautiful.

  4. When I was a little boy, this used to be amazing. We would go outside to see the beautiful colors and even trying to count them.

  5. This is so delightful to see. viewing this is so pleasing to the eyes. I so love the rainbow and seeing this is very interesting.

  6. Don’t know why… it seems like I haven’t seen a rainbow for a long time. It used to be often when I was little because I often played outside, now it’s never again… 🙂 only through pictures. What does this image mean to everyone when they see it, makes me curious…

  7. This is just so beautiful i simply love it. Awesome picture and i find it interesting how you simply capture the rainbows last bit from the cloud amazing.

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